Where it began

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It started back in 2020. We had a marquee stand at a local surf contest exhibiting some of our products.

Even though our shop was only a few blocks from the beach in a light industrial area. We found that even local residents didn’t even know where it was – and they live in the area.

This raised the age-old question – regardless of how great your product or service is – if they don’t know you are there – you are on your own?

Then came the idea of a brochure + map.

Being in the graphic art, printing, and website industry for over 35 years, we have always strived to do things better or different than others, so it made sense that we could do something ourselves.

Being in a tourist location, we saw what other councils and states (as well as overseas when we travelled) were doing to promote the targeted area. But they were mostly the same format.

We found other maps more focused on the advertisers than the information and purpose of the brochure and their maps were lifeless, hard to read or were straight from the internet.

So, we decided to style the map in an old school retro style so people would love to hang it up, the street names would have to be readable – this all meant that we must draw everything ourselves from scratch.

We started with just our local 3 suburbs – Dicky Beach, Moffat Beach and Shelly Beach – which has light industry, restaurants and cafes and called it “the Moffat Map”.

So, to make the brochure interesting to everyone - we combined some local history and knowledge stories and left 2 panels for advertisers to sponsor the map to pay for the production.

This in turn left limited spots to fill. We had great feedback and filled these spots quite easily with local businesses/services in the area.

We freely dropped off bundles at selected trendy cafes, businesses, AirBNBs, Resorts and to the tourism information centre.

Our aim was not to fill the brochure with advertising but for the brochure to be sort-after and get people asking where they got it from.

It also is only distributed around the local area which promotes local knowledge and local people supporting local businesses.

The maps were a great success and we received so many compliments on the maps’ quality that they have never seen anything like this before. People were taking back overseas; people are still framing the map for themselves or their AirBNBs guests.

Well, here we are on our 5th year edition of our flagship brochure called “My Caloundra” as we decided to bite the bullet last year and instead of just promoting our 3 suburbs to now focus on the whole foreshore of Caloundra City.

Being a bigger area, we had to increase the size of our brochure from A3 size to a large A2 size (Double) to fit the map and street names and information and still have it folded to a handy /practical size.

My wife and I run MyCaloundra ourselves from our office in Moffat Beach, and now think that we can help others make an income or fundraising by duplicating this method... anywhere.

Creating the opportunity for them to be “Suburb Managers” where all they do is select a suburb in their area, sell limited advertising sponsorship spots, and distribute as needed – we do everything and supply them with the final product.

We also sell large A1 size unframed posters of the maps on our website.

If you are interested, check out our FAQs page or contact us for more information.