Where it began

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From Surf Contest Stand to Local Treasure: The Story of ‘My Caloundra’ Map”

In 2020, our marquee stand at a local surf contest (Pa & Ma Bendall Memorial Contest) showcased our unique products. Despite being just blocks from the beach, even locals were unaware of our shop’s existence in a light industrial area. This sparked a crucial question: How can a great product thrive if people don’t know it exists?

Enter the idea of a "Brochure/Map". Drawing on our 35 years in graphic art, printing, we decided to create something exceptional. Unlike ageneric maps, ours would blend local history, have readable street names, and an old-school retro style. We dubbed it “The Moffat Map.”

Our mission? Not just advertising, but creating a sought-after brochure. We left space for local businesses to sponsor the map, ensuring its production. Bundles were dropped off at trendy cafes, AirBNBs, and resorts, sparking curiosity and conversations.

The success was overwhelming. People marveled at the map’s quality, framing it as a cherished keepsake. Now, in our 5th year, now called “My Caloundra” covers the entire foreshore of Caloundra City on the Sunshine Coast. We’ve expanded from A3 to a large A2 size, and we’re excited to empower others to become “Suburb Managers,” sharing this model Australia wide and make money.

Our Brochure/Maps show dedication to local knowledge and community support.

If you are interested to run your own in your area, checkout our FAQs page ocontact us for more information.