Operation and running procedures


URBAN MANAGER: This is the person that apply and run a map in selected region.
URBAN MAPS: is our graphic map department of our business "EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS" ABN 47 743 217 793
MAPS: Refer to the finished folded map/brochure


Step 1. To get started - contact us and request a PDF with examples. To be a 'Urban Manager', simply contact us with your suburb/s of interest (Within Australia only) - we will check it out for planning / fitting into a A3 size sheet (FREE) and reply. We will send you some questions and list of things we will require from you like points of interest, contact information etc.

Step 2. On agreement and approval of print quantities, we will email you an invoice for a deposit to start (this amount comes off final total) - upon payment we will begin your MAP creation process and send you questions about your area.

Step 3. For you to start selling advertising space for your MAP – we can either send you some of our existing printed maps or when the basic design is in place, we will deliver to you some printed samples to make it easy for you to sell your advertising from.
If you require official carbonless duplicate or triplicate order books we can quote you. (You will only require an A5 size)

Step 4. Send us all advertising listings contact details through a form on this website and other local information and we will do final MAP artwork draft for you to proof-read and check prior to print.

Step 5. We will invoice you the balance price (minus your deposit) - upon payment we will put to print and deliver the final folded MAPS to you ready to distribute as you want.

Step 6. You deliver your MAPS to selected key places as you wish (AirBNBs offices, Cafes, Resorts, information Centres, etc) – as well as stock these places as they run out until the next edition or you run out (12 months).


Picking your suburb/s: - Choose small unique areas that have a mix residential and businesses. Suburbs that are attract tourism will make the job easier also with local information about the area. Download an example of one of our maps here.

Local information: You want your MAP to be practical, readable and informative for people to keep and use, so find topics of interest that visitors will find interesting and keep short and sweet as to fit into 2 of the panels. A good place for this is a local council's website and credible facts or local people.


Our goal is to produce a finished product that businesses, residents and visitors will be proud of and more important - use it and talk about it. We also want to benefit in your area charities or fund raising in the process. We also want to make the process as easy and worry-free as possible for you - the Urban Manager.


All things start and are done through discussion. We consider the “characteristics” of your suburb/area and want to compliment this in the design. Ultimately, we have the final say regarding design and colours with this in mind.


It's up to you” meaning: As we do design, print and supply your MAP – WE can recommend price to sell the adverts space and some guidelines, but you can choose to sell higher or lower to make more or less profit as you see fit.

- If you are keen, you can run a couple of different MAPS in other suburbs.
- You can make each edition 6 months or 12 months.
- If you don't live in that suburb, you can even do the initial sales and arrange someone else to distribute them to your location. - you would have to pay them out of your profit.
- You can even decide to distribute to households and businesses or just to key businesses such as popular cafes etc.


You are responsible for all payments when invoiced. We will deal only with you - the Urban Manager. All payments must be cleared in our account before production can start and delivery of goods.


1). While all reasonable care is taken with final artwork, it is essential that it is checked by you prior to final go-ahead. We accept no responsibility for any errors overlooked in this final reading.
2). You accept all responsibility for use of logo's and copyright.
3). As you are organising paid advertisers and information then you are the person responsible if any errors or discrepancies. You are responsible to and for those businesses that purchase advertising and pay you and must deliver a service as promised and subject to criminal law if not done so. Just like any other business.
4). Upon your confirmation go-ahead after final proofing, you are giving us full permission to proceed into production which cannot be undone as pre-press procedures, plating and job allocation start taking place.


Urban Maps grants you a non-exclusive right to use our maps in your suburb/area. But we will only allow one person (we call "Urban Manager") per suburb/s/ or region. The license exclusively is only valid for the period that we produce the maps ie 12 months. If you decide that you do not want to continue on with the urban map in your region then please email us so we can try and find someone else to take over your area. Ideally, if you can find someone else to take over your area, they must will just continue as mentioned in these terms and conditions then ownership will transfer to them.


All MAPS created by Urban Maps remain the copyright ownership of Urban Maps. The use of our custom drawn maps onto any printed material are used under license and strict written permission and guidelines. Using our Services does not give you ownership of any intellectual property rights in our Services or the content you access. You may not use content from our Services unless you obtain permission from Urban Maps. These terms do not grant you the right to use any branding or logos used in our Services.


As a deposit of the total amount is given for us to start the creation and research of the Urban Map we must cover our costs and time already invested on our behalf – so if work has already begun and you decide to pull out of the project then there is no refund. But if work hasn't begun then we can refund. All enquiries are by written email.