Generate an income by creating a unique retro styled map/brochure of selected suburbs.

NextGen Framework

Step 1. Pick a Suburb

We will design the A3 or A2 size map/brochure for your suburb. Each map is individually custom drawn. We customise the map and information specifically to your suburb/s and send you high quality samples to make it easy to sell limited advertising spots.

Step 2. We Design, Print and Deliver your finished maps

We take care of all design, artwork and printing and deliver to you the finished folded Urban Map - ready for you to distribute.

Stunning Graphics
NextGen Framework

Step 3. You make money once or more a year

Depending on your advertising selling skills you can repeat this once or twice a year or have multiple suburbs – it’s totally up to you!

The Benefits

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You get to shape your income based on the advertising costs. It's totally up to you. We give you some guideline examples.

We do the rest

We design the map, help research the area, design the brochure, print, and supply you with the finished brochures ready to distribute locally.

Locals promote locals

The brochures become sort after and commented as well as are designed for tourist and locals to support the local advertisers as well as offer local knowledge.

Exclusive Rights

You would own the map brochure rights to use in that area. We would not produce the same map for anyone else in your area.

Ongoing sales easier

We have found once you have the first edition advertising spots filled, it is easier to sell the next edition because advertisers see how it works.

Quality Product

We strongly believe in having a high-quality product. All our brochures are professional in design or print using sustainable paper and printed with soy-based inks.

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