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How much money can I make?
Well, that comes down to how much you can sell adverting spots on the map!
This can be the basic line listing or break down to block adverts or even just a single sponsor to cover the costs the full production cost - it's up to you! You set your price and your profit! We will send you a PDF information guide on request.
How do I get started?
Step 1. Contact us with your suburb/s of interest (Within Australia only) - we will check it out for planning (FREE) and reply and send you any questions and list of things we will require from you like points of interest, contact information etc.
Step2. On approval, We will email you an invoice for a deposit for our graphic department to start - upon payment we will begin your map creation and send you proofs.
Step3. We can send you some of our existing Maps to make it easy for you to sell advertising spots from.
Step4. When advertising is all sold - You send all advertsing listings contact details and other information and we will do final artwork draft ready to print for you to proof prior to print and approve.
Step 5. Pay us the balance of the quantity (minus your deposit) and we will put to print and deliver to you.
Are there any restrictions?
We only offer this service to suburbs of Australia only.
The only main restriction is the shape and size of the suburb area to make it fit into an A3/A2 size area rectangle and still make street names clearly readable. We can quickly do this without cost to assess if it will work or not for your area.
How much does it cost me to get started?
There are a few things to affect this price like: brochure size, A3 or A2, and quantity of maps required for your area. Contact us and we will work this out for you based on some questions and send you some references and you can calculate your profit from these examples.
How do I pick an area?
As the map is in a rectangle format and is important for street names to be a readable size, We can quickly do a free assessment for you to check when you enquire.
Other things to consider are keep it in a manageable area for distribution.
The bigger the area the bigger the brochure and production costs etc.
Pick an area that have businesses that will advertise.
Also pick an area that has some interesting facts, history as the brochure will be about this area.
How does payment work?
Like all sales - all advertisers or sponsors need a receipt. Also, you are responsible and in charge of your businesses and map area - to deliver the product as well as chase payment. – We can do this, or you can do this and just pay our charges and keep your fees. Full Payment of our charges is required prior to print and dispatch.
If you need custom A5 size invoice books, then we can arrange these for you aswell and quote you on request.
What's in it for Urban Maps?
We have been in the graphic design, printing and website industry for over 35 years, so it is very important that we control the design and final quality and cover our costs AS WELL AS YOU MAKE MONEY, how much profit is totally up to you. But our costs remain the same. It's a win/win for all.
As we are running all Urban Maps suburbs we will be promoting and listing these under this website to help you and customers contact you for bookings or enquiries with your own Urban Maps email address.
What are the terms and conditions?
Full terms and conditions are can be viewed here. (The link is at the bottom of every page in the footer of this website)
Do I have exclusive rights to my Suburb?
Even though we own the copyright to the produced map, yes, you own that suburb map and distribution (Suburb Manager). We will not produce the same map for someone else - but you can transfer ownership (we must have in writing).
We also have the right to hand it over to someone else if you decide or fail to go ahead with the map anymore.

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